Credit Morgan loans offer attractive investment opportunities for Private Investors

Solid Returns

At Credit Morgan, you lend directly to borrowers. This means our returns are significantly higher than traditional bank investment products.

  • Direct access to borrowers

  • Returns between 4-9.9%

  • Low volatility returns

  • SME loans

Diversified Portfolio

You can invest in a multitude of private and SME loans from different Risk classes and diversify your portfolio.

  • >1000 projects p.a.

  • Investment from 100 Euro

  • Risk Classes from A-C

  • Secured / unsecured loans

Monthly Cashflow

Loans pay monthly interest and amortization and you can reinvest your returns in other projects continuously.

  • Monthly payment of interest

  • Monthly payment of principal

  • Reinvestment possibility

  • Fees only after successful investment

How lending works

At Credit Morgan you lend directly to established small British and Norwegian businesses. They get the funds they need to grow, and you can earn attractive returns as they pay you back each month.

  • Direct links with credit-worthy businesses

  • Strong and attractive stable returns

  • Portfolio flexibility and diversification

  • Investment ratings and risk assessment

  • Transparent and direct reporting

  • Credit loss protection fund - we invest with you​

Take a quick tour to see how it works

1- Open your online account 

Set up your account in minutes and transfer money from your bank.

2- Start lending automatically

Our automatic lending tool allows you to lend small amounts to hundreds of different businesses.

3- Receive monthly repayments

You’ll typically receive repayments with profit share each month from the businesses you’ve lent to.

How we manage risk

Only established businesses who have passed our rigorous credit assessment process can borrow through Credit Morgan. 
However, it’s important to remember that some businesses will not be able to fully repay their loan. We call this a bad debt, and it’s already accounted for in your projected return.
We reduce the impact of bad debt in 4 key ways:

1. Big Data Analytics-based credit algorithm

Our proprietary credit model uses thousands of data points to assess the creditworthiness of every business that applies. It uses publicly available information, credit bureau data and our own historical data of loan performance and applications. Successful applications are then given a risk band from A+ to E, which helps determine the interest rate they’ll pay.

2. Rigorous assessment with advanced technology

Our vastly experienced credit assessment team combine decades of experience from some of the world’s leading financial institutions. They use thousands of data points, innovative technology and their detailed understanding of business lending to assess every application, so only creditworthy businesses are approved.

3. Diversification and minimum investment

Diversification, where you spread your lending across many businesses, is the best way to earn a stable return as it reduces the impact of businesses being unable to repay their loans. By using our automated lending tool, you can easily lend to hundreds of businesses to quickly build a diversified portfolio.
- Lend to at least 200 businesses
- Lend no more than 0.5% of your total to each one

4. Collections and Recoveries team: We collect debts for you

When a business is unable to fully repay their loan, we handle everything for you. Our Collections & Recoveries team pursue every single late or defaulted loan, arranging a new payment plan if possible, or exhausting every legal process available. The team has a range of methods and technologies in place to recover as much as possible for you.

5. The Credit Protection Fund

Investments with Credit Morgan are protected by the Credit Protection Fund which provides a buffer against poorly performing loans. The Credit Protection Fund is made up of payments received from every borrower, based on Credit Morgan’s assessment of their creditworthiness when the loan is granted.

Intelligence Assesment

Less guesswork, more accuracy


We combine the best of technology and financial analysis to select the right/quality SMEs. The data driven Credit Morgan approach to assessing the creditworthiness of the projects we receive combines our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms with information from the external credit agencies CRIF and Friendly Score. The result are risk categories and interest rates that are as accurate as possible. So you can make informed decisions on where to invest.

Comfortable and Digital

Wherever you are, we are there.


Our simple, secure web platform and mobile app make it easy for you to access your Credit Morgan account anywhere, anytime.

The key risk to our investors is increased borrower default rates. We seek to mitigate this risk through:

  • Underwriting excellence: Robust and thorough credit checks on all borrowers. We take a careful approach to lending and only lend to creditworthy borrowers.

  • Portfolio management: Lending is diversified across different borrower types and sectors.

  • The Protection Fund: Provides a buffer against poorly performing loans. Our protection fund represents the amount of money that is reserved by our financing platform to repay you, the investor, if a borrower is not able to repay their loan.

  • Bank-level Security: Your personal information is fully encrypted, securely stored, and protected by our state-of-the-art technology.

  • We take privacy seriously: We use 128-bit SSL protection and strict, high levels of security & encryption standards.

Help companies and the economy grow

Wherever you are, we are there.


SMEs the backbone of the Britain and Norway economy. You’ll lend to hundreds of established, creditworthy businesses in different sectors and regions throughout the UK and Norway. Whether they need new premises, a better website or an extra pair of hands, your lending will help them grow, create jobs and drive the economy forward.

Investor mobile app

With our mobile app, investors can invest in Notes, see current returns, update investment strategies, transfer money, and more.

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