Asset Finance (Leasing)


We help our clients to unlock the value of their existing assets and buy new assets cost effectively

Every business needs to invest in equipment to get the job done. Paying up front for brand new equipment or machinery can be expensive and put a strain on your cashflow. With Hire Purchase you can obtain new equipment or machinery without having to buy it outright. With Hire Purchase we buy the equipment outright on your behalf so you don’t have to bear the upfront costs. You then repay manageable amounts over a period of time. You own the item once you’ve paid all the instalments.

You can also refinance your existing assets. This can unlock the value in assets you already own to release cash to develop your business or improve your cashflow and stability. We can also consolidate your existing hire purchase facilities into a single package.

 Leasing is increasingly important as it offers long-term, stable, and inexpensive financing while giving you and your company the flexibility to exploit growth opportunities. A lease reduces the responsibility of ownership and transfers the risk of depreciating equipment to us. 

How Hire Purchase can help your business

At Credit Norge we take a more flexible approach to leasing so you can structure your payments to be more cashflow friendly. We offer payment holidays, low deposits and deferred VAT payments, as well as guaranteed early settlements.

The key benefits of leasing

  • You boost your financial security, as leasing is the most stable type of financing over the long term

  • You gain entrepreneurial flexibility, as you don't have to dip into other sources of financing, which remain as reserves

  • You enjoy a price advantage, as the object you are leasing is used for calculating interest, which is to your benefit

  • You can budget on the basis of fixed costs, as the leasing payments are known in advance and do not change over the duration of the agreement

Commercial vehicles

  • Trucks, delivery vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers

  • Forklifts, industrial trucks, municipal vehicles

  • Coaches, minibuses


  • Processing machines (for various materials such as metal, plastic, wood, etc.), packaging machines, printers

  • Production equipment, laser equipment, cleaning equipment

  • Agricultural and forestry machinery, construction machinery (excavators, cranes, etc.), snow groomers

IT Finance

  • Funding for IT hardware and software

  • Support for businesses in monitoring, tracking and maintaining IT assets through an IT Lifecycle Management System

  • Suitable for businesses with an annual IT capital expenditure

Medical Equipment

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), x-ray and ultrasound equipment

  • Laboratory and medical practice equipment

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