Am I eligible for a Credit Morgan business loan?

We take a more forward-looking view of your business than many other lenders. Your application is analysed using a combination of advanced technology and expert review. This allows a fast yet robust assessment of your businesses’ financial condition, leading to a decision within 24 hours.

We consider loan applications from businesses meeting these criteria:

  • Geography

Registered business in UK or Norway

  • Turnover

At least €200k in the last year

  • Reports

Up to two years of financial reports

  • Trading

Operating for at least 18 months

                Restricted Industries

Credit Norge serves over 700 industries, so it's likely that we're able to work with you. Here is a list of the few restricted industries we can't serve.

We're unable to work with some industries

  • Adult Entertainment / Materials 

  • Drug Dispensaries 

  • Firearms Vendors 

  • Government & Non-Profits, 

  • Public Administration 

  • Horoscope / Fortune Telling 

  • Lotteries / Casinos / Raffles / Gaming / Gambling 

  • Money Services Business (MSB) 

  • Religious, Civic Organizations 

  • Rooming & Boarding Houses

Credit Norge reserves the right to change the list of industries at any time and all lending is subject to Credit Norge approval regardless of industry.

If you need more information, please contact us

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