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Credit Morgan is an online peer-to-peer financing marketplace company providing business financing and gives financial return to their investors. Credit Morgan is founded in Oslo, Norway and headquartered in London, UK. Credit Morgan provide financing to British and Nordic SMEs companies with collected funds from individual investors and institutional investors such as family offices and private equity companies around the world.  

Credit Morgan provide a range of business financing, from foreign trade financing and leasing to personalized financing products. Credit Morgan is your finance partner for grow your business. By focusing on the needs of our customers, we provide them with the most appropriate financing solution with personalized products and profit rates. Our ambition is to provide Scandinavian and British investors with a new and attractive asset class, as well as Scandinavian and British small businesses and international traders with a new and attractive funding source. Credit Morgan provides investors with tailored loan investment solutions in both conventional and shari’a compliant strategies.

We’re building a better future where access to capital is simple, transparent and fair. We operate fully online with no branch infrastructure and use technology to lower cost and deliver an amazing experience. We keep our costs low and share the savings with borrowers and investors to offer a better deal to both. By utilizing technology, we offer lower rates to borrowers and compelling returns to investors. Borrowers get better rates. Investors get solid returns.

Credit Morgan foster sustainable development and create jobs and prosperity by financing British and Nordic SMEs. The Credit Morgan Company has main management office in London, England and executive office in Oslo, Norway. Working from offices in Oslo and London, our team boasts extensive experience in the realms of technology, finance, business, trade and law. Credit Morgan currently operates in Norway, Sweden and the UK with ambitious plans to expand our business throughout Europe.

Get to know some of our departments.

Data Science

 As a data-driven company, Data Science plays an absolutely pivotal role. We mine vast amounts of data for credit scoring and underwriting.


 The team covers financial planning & analysis, corporate finance, accounting, tax, and strategy to develop a sound financial future.


 To maintain our state-of-the-art technology, Engineering works with the newest technology stacks to further innovate in the business.

As an alternative finance provider dedicated to funding growing and ambitious SMEs, Credit Morgan enables institutional investors to invest in direct commercial loans to UK SMEs. 

Our senior management team has extensive experience across banking, asset management, operations and IT so is well placed to understand the needs of institutional investors and deliver bespoke solutions.

Credit Morgan operates a multi-functional team operating a large scale operation covering the whole loan life cycle, encompassing

  • Origination

  • Credit analytics

  • Credit underwriting

  • Loan servicing

  • Monitoring

  • Recoveries

  • Client relations

The team follows a robust, proven process, allowing it to support a number of mandates to meet institutional debt investor requirements.

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