SME credit platform who matches Investors with creditworthy British and Norwegian Businesses based on Artificial Intelligence.

      Credit Morgan™ is a digital finance platform that offers the financing of small businesses much more straightforward and cheaper than traditional banks and gives financial return to our investors as well due to utilising technology as Big Data gathering and automating the entire process from A-B with Artificial Intelligence.  

We call it, Social-Profit-Sharing. 
Welcome to the new generation banking! by Credit Morgan™.

Business Credits

We have designed our products with the needs of your company.

Tell us about your company's project and financing needs. We'll tell you the appropriate financing product for you.

Working Capital

Providing flexible financing to smooth and improve cashflow, our full range of Working Capital products can help you meet your day-to-day financial obligations and fund your business' growth ambitions.

Export Financing

Our export finance solutions could give you access to the working capital you need to fulfil your orders and help you offer more favourable terms to your trading partners.

Supplier Financing

Aiming to improve your supply chain is important to any business. We will help bring down the total costs in the supply chain and improve your company’s working capital.

Asset Finance (Leasing)

Asset Finance to help you fund new equipment or vehicles, enabling you to maximise performance or growth.

Import Financing

We understand the needs of importers. Our import finance solutions allow you to pay your supplier promptly and negotiate better terms while improving your cash flow.

Benefits for Businesses
  • Much cheaper, faster, flexible and simple financing than banks


  • Boost your cash flow

  • Purchase equipment

  • Hire more staff

  • Go International markets

  • Anything you need to grow

Benefits for Investors
  • Direct links with credit-worthy businesses

  • Strong and attractive stable returns

  • Portfolio flexibility and diversification

  • Investment ratings and risk assessment

  • Transparent and direct reporting

  • Credit loss protection fund - we invest with you​

What we look for
  • Turnover

At least €200k in the last year

  • Trading

Operating for at least 18 months

  • Reports

Up to two years of financial reports

  • Geography

Registered business in UK or Norway

How it Works
Online, simple and fast.

                                              We're not a bank.

Instead, we connect borrowers with investors through our online marketplace.


Small and medium-sized businesses wanting to grow their businesses can easily access commercial loans.

1- Tell us about yourself and your business (10 minutes)

Answer a few questions and provide some basic accounting and bank data.

2- We review your application (24 hours)

Our team of credit experts will review your application and we’ll be in touch with a decision.

3- Accept your offer (One week) 

Individual and institutional investors finance to your company. Just a week after your application, you can access to your funds.

Credit Morgan™

 Screens borrowers, facilitates the transaction, and services the loans. We review applications and approve creditworthy European businesses.

We then pay out their loans and process repayments for investors.


In exchange for solid returns, investors purchase Notes, which correspond to fractions of loans.

1- Open your online account 

Set up your account in minutes and transfer money from your bank.

2- Start lending automatically

Our automatic lending tool allows you to lend small amounts to hundreds of different businesses.

3- Receive monthly repayments

You’ll typically receive repayments with profit share each month from the businesses you’ve lent to.

The key risk to our investors is increased borrower default rates. We seek to mitigate this risk through:

  • Underwriting excellence: Robust and thorough credit checks on all borrowers. We take a careful approach to lending and only lend to creditworthy borrowers.

  • Portfolio management: Lending is diversified across different borrower types and sectors.

  • The Protection Fund: Provides a buffer against poorly performing loans. Our protection fund represents the amount of money that is reserved by our financing platform to repay you, the investor, if a borrower is not able to repay their loan.

  • Bank-level Security: Your personal information is fully encrypted, securely stored, and protected by our state-of-the-art technology.

  • We take privacy seriously: We use 128-bit SSL protection and strict, high levels of security & encryption standards.

Simple mobile app

With our mobile app, investors can invest in Notes, see current returns, update investment strategies, transfer money, and more.

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